Ho Ho Ho…

Not long now until the big jolly man in red arrives! Santa says its hard work lugging all those presents around the world all by himself… so this year, Santa is new and improved…. and made out of metal! Check out Robot Santa at http://www.tintoyarcade.com… he is awesome!

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Do you miss all those retro toys that you had when you were a kid… do you wish you could share them with your own kids if only you could drag them away from the computer screen…. well now you can with online etch a sketch! Oh the excitement! Go to http://www.etchy.org/

Fun for the whole family!

I came across this very fun site today that is choc a block with (not so) scary monsters! The animation is very cute, and the site is super fun to explore! My favourite is Goober… apparently he’s not his usual caring self today…. Visit Monsters by Kirsten!

Wall Of Toys

Wall of Toys
Have you ever seen such an awesome sight!? Its every kids dream (and of course, big kids, like me)! I’d like to say that this was a selection of my personal collection.. but alas, the wall of toys belongs to krysto_O.. view his amazing collection at Flickr.

King Ken!

King Ken… the ape… the legend… ’nuff said!


Gertie Dog!

Meet Gertie… I came across her recently on my web travels. She reminds me so much of a puppy toy that I had as a child that I instantly fell in love! Gertie is more of a classic toy than a designer toy, but she would fit in perfectly with any modern kids decor and no doubt become a lifelong pal!

If you love dogs as much as I do… pop on over to www.uniquekids.com.au and say hello to Gertie and her friends!

Sock Monkey!

Its a well known fact that kids hate getting socks for Christmas… well, that’s about to change! Introducing the Paul Frank SOCK MONKEY! One of the coolest things ever to come from a sock this little guy is a giant at 38cm long (that’s one BIG foot…)

My favourite part about this little guy is his ears… check out the Paul Frank range at www.minifashionista.com.au